Important Limitations

GTLI has carried out scientific analysis and grading of the Article(s) referred to in this Report, utilizing advanced and up-to-date gemological instruments and equipment available at the time of examination.

GTLI’s prime motive is to provide the correct information to the jewelry buyers with full assurance in the integrity and quality of the GTLI certification.

Evidence of known treatments, simulants and synthetics are detected and disclosed. However, technologies employed in treatments, processing and synthetics are continuously evolving, hence it might not always be possible to determine the origin of the article using the then-latest available techniques.

  • A Jewelry Report is based on the gemological analysis of the Article, but also on data or documentation occasionally supplied therewith. Accompanying reports and hallmarks are accepted as factual, with the implicit understanding that GTLI does not guarantee, nor warranty their accuracy. Characteristics, weights and measurements are approximate when analyzed in mounted conditions (see “Comments” section on reverse).
  • Gemstones are sometimes enhanced or treated in order to improve their appearance. These processes, including synthetics, are not always identifiable in mounted conditions.

The information disclosed about the article(s) in GTLI report depends upon the fee charged for the Report. We provide full information only when “Full Certification” is done.

Different labs may have their own opinions regarding the characteristics covered in the Certification Report, and results of the examination performed on the diamond may differ depending by whom, when and how the diamond is examined; hence, neither GTLI nor any member of its staff shall, at any time, be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from the application of other grading and/or identification methods.

In the event of any claim by the Client or any person for damage to the article(s), or damages resulting, directly or indirectly from this Report, the liability of GTLI shall be limited to the amount it receives as a fee in connection with this Report.

By making this Report GTLI does not agree to purchase or replace the article(s). Neither the Client nor any purchaser of the article(s) shall regard this Report as an appraisal or as a guaranty/warranty. GTLI operates as an independent laboratory and has no financial interest in the sale/purchase of any gemstone/jewelry.

At GTLI, We have different charges for different types of certification. We check diamonds (articles) for Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat weight, laser-drilling, fracture-filling, irradiation, high pressure/high temperature (HPHT), chemical vapour deposition (CVD), its natural or synthetic only if we are asked for it. Whatever we check in the article (s) we mention it in the certificate that can be checked online www.gtlilab.com